Hi there! Sunday services are online while our new home is undergoing renovations. Check back regularly for updates!


"We shall serve for the joy of serving, prosperity shall flow to us
and through us in unending streams of plenty."


You see, we each have gifts and talents to express and share in partnership and ownership with each other and our spiritual home, Unity of Fort Lauderdale, and it comes from within and together in community showing up as the experiences we create. What in you is waiting to be expressed that you have not realized yet?

We currently have opportunities for you to express your creative gifts and invest in your possibility:
Usher / Greeter Team
Prayer Chaplain Team
Daily Word Team
Fellowship Team
Outreach Team
Social Media Team
Welcoming Team
Pet Team
If any of these teams resonate with you, bring your heart to our spiritual home!
Community Outreach
Blessing Bags for the homeless
Welcome Team

Serve in our church

express your creative gifts and invest in your possibility!

A life of significance is about SERVING those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose.

Questions about sacred service?

Please reach out if you have questions.