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to unity of fort lauderdale!

We are a different kind of spiritual home.

Unity is a positive path for spiritual living based on prayer and meditation. What does this mean?

Unity teaches that there is one light, one source of positive energy in the world that we call God and that we are created in God's image. Therefore we are all expressions of goodness.

This positive energy gives us great power and, through meditation, prayer and action, we infuse our lives - and the world - with manifold gifts.


UOFL is its people. Heart centered, open minded, and growing in spiritual consciousness, we are an ever-evolving demonstration of love on earth.

Not perfect; we are willing to allow growth to happen. With each step, we build a community that embraces diversity. We take each other as we are, and love each other into wholeness.
We prefer to call ourselves a spiritual community rather than a church. We are a multicultural community where ALL are welcome! We have members from every ethnicity and culture and we welcome diversity as a testament that we are all one. We respect all denominations and beliefs. Rather than seeking to "convert", let's share a story and a passion for our New Thought Spirituality, as we learn from metaphysical interpretations of sacred teachings.
There is ONE power and one presence,
God the good.

Human beings are DIVINE at their core
and therefore inherently good.

Thoughts held in MIND produce after their kind.
Thoughts have creative power to determine
events and attract experiences.

PRAYER and meditation keep us aligned with
the one great power in the universe.

Through thoughts, words and ACTION,
we live the Truth we know.

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Gathering Times

Sunday Services
Live here on our website, app, or Facebook Live @ 10 AM & 5 PM
When we meet physically again, we meet every Sunday Morning at 10 AM on the campus of the United Church of Christ,
2501 NE 30th Street, Fort Lauderdale 33306 in the Fellowship Hall on the east side of the complex.
This location is one block south of Oakland Park Blvd and one block east of Federal Hwy/US 1, in Fort Lauderdale.