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I Release

The importance of release to spiritual growth is described in Jewish scripture with the story of Lot’s wife, who could not release the past.  This caused her to “look back” and she became, to extend the metaphor, a “crystallized” pillar of salt, a fossil (Genesis 19:26).  Jesus made the same point when he said “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62).

During yesterday’s service I read the Daily Word (click here) from December 31, 1960 (Release Past) in which I highlighted the following, I accept today as a day of release.
What is it that we release? The abstract answer is that we release that which no longer serves us. The many examples given include release of things and forgiveness of past events and people. But what we truly must release are thoughts—what Catherine Ponder calls “old, half-buried, hostile emotions and attitudes.”

Charles Fillmore explains why this is so in his chapter on Renunciation in The Twelve Powers of Man. He writes,

“Thoughts have a four-dimensional capacity, while things have but three. Yet thoughts are limited to the realm in which they function, and man’s consciousness, being made up of thoughts, is of like character. Thus it is possible to overload the mind, as one overloads the stomach. Thoughts must be digested in a manner similar to the way in which food is digested. An eagerness to gain knowledge without proper digestion and assimilation ends in mental congestion. The mind, like the bowels, should be open and free.” (p. 144).

During yesterday’s meditation (this can be used in your own meditation practice anytime) we implemented the following:

  • What can I let go of right now?
  • What do I need to let go of in this moment?

Pause and listen to what comes up without judgement.  Listen and feel the clues your body gives you;

  • Feel into an area of old injury – are you willing to let go of protecting this area?
  • Notice your belly – are you willing to let go of eating habits and patterns that are not serving you?
  • In the heart are – are you willing to let go of past hurts done to you or by you?
  • Connect with the area around your throat – are you willing to let go of the restrictions and beliefs that are holding you back from sharing your message?

Releasing is a continual process and a unique journey.  After you meditate you can start journaling and writing down what came up for you.  You may also journal and write down actions that you will implement in your life in order to release patterns and habits that no longer serve your highest and best.  Enlist support from a trusted friend by sharing with them what you are letting go of so they can support your new place.

Repeat this meditation as many times as needed to remind yourself of the path you are headed and all that no longer serves you.

“When we let go of what we think is best for us, we can receive what we truly need.”
― Anthon St. Maarten

Bryan Sawchuk, Spritual Leader

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