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The Mighty Love Tree

Is conducting yourself in a loving way really practical? I would answer with a resounding yes!
We are all aware of how much fear, anger, anxiety, and frustration that is occurring globally. Especially today with COVID19, the violence towards others, and with the Electoral College convening to vote and certify the next President & Vice President of the United States.

Charles Fillmore reminds us about love. “It is within the heart of man—deeper than the heart—it is in the soul and the spirit.  If it is there - all it needs is to be recognized.  All that is required man is to conduct himself in a loving way.” 

The question is not about whether “is conducting yourself in a loving way really practical?” – the real question is, “what can I do to love myself so much, practically conduct myself in a loving way, and be that love in the world?”  Because we can give great speeches, or we can demonstrate a great amount of force, if we have not love, we are nothing.

In an August 24, 1919 talk Mr. Fillmore mentions the twelve fruits of the “tree of love” that “grows by the river of life.” These fruits of the tree of love are, as St. Paul said to the Corinthians, the better way.

What are the 12 Fruits of the mighty love tree “the 12 matter of fruit”?  They are:
patience, kindness, generosity, humility, courtesy, unselfishness, good temper, purity, joyousness, unresentfulness, trustfulness, and endurance

Where do they come from?

According to Paul in a love poem which he wrote, he has found twelve growths or expressions of this one tree, this one love which exists in each and every one of us!  It is not outside of you. No, it is within you! This is the kingdom of Heaven, that Love Consciousness (Divine Essence) and it is within - the ruling power of everything that appears in you! Remember that!

So, as we enter this week of Love – remember, it is up to us to be that love in action!  When you’re feeling afraid, or nervous – commit to being that love.  Each and every day of this week commit to cultivate or ripen these fruits (or faculties within) from the mighty love tree and demonstrate it in your life.

What is one fruit (action) from the mighty love tree that I can apply in my life today towards myself, and towards another?
These action steps may seem miniscule, however, with each conscious new choice we make – we alter infinite possibilities for all sentient beings!
Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony – Colossians 3:14

Bryan Sawchuk, Ministry Coordinator