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The Power of YES ~ Y.E.S. Is Your Energetic Source

Are you aware that we live in a YES Universe?  YES, the trees and flowers will bloom every year? YES, life changes?  YES, this is an abundant universe! YES. YES. YES!

Many talk about NO being a whole sentence and it is ~ but every time you say NO to something or someone about what you don’t want to do ~ you are actually saying YES to what it is you do want to do~ ponder that, think about that, lean into the real meaning of what that says!

When you can begin to realize that this is a YES universe and that the universe desires to support you in all you do and be and have ~ you live can change your life ~ in an instant!

In 2006, I wrote the book, The Power of YES!   [available on Amazon.com ~ Kindle or hardcopy]. The book came about as result of an head injury ~ which changed my life, dramatically.

At first, for about two weeks after the injury, I ranted and raved at Spirit ~ Why? Why? Why? How could you do this to me? Then in meditation I heard the word so clearly ~ YES! YES, I asked of Spirit? YES!   YES ~ Your Energetic Source! Your Empowerment System! In that split second, in that one single moment of time, I knew that everything that had happened was a YES experience ~ it came to grow me ~ to change me ~ to evolve me.

The good news is, you don’t have to have an injury to realize this ~ if you are willing to see the power and energetic dynamic held in “YES” ~ as a universe message of abundance and power for your life.  

See, Feel, Be It!   BE the universal YES, in action ~ NOW!  YES, Your Empowerment System ~ Your Energetic Source!

Rev. Toni Boehm 
You can visit Rev. Toni's website by clicking here, listen to her as our Guest Speaker, this Sunday 1/10/21 @ 10 A.M. & 5 P.M. by clicking here, or register for her workshop entitled "Creating ExtraOrdinary Results " this Sunday 1/10/21 @ 11:15 A.M. by clicking here.