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The Joy Is In The Moments

Not really feeling joyful?  2020 has presented tough times and 2020 has had some deep spiritual awakening and realizations.  We can choose awfulizing and dress rehearsing chaos, wait for the other shoe to drop, or we can choose to see and experience the joy in the moments.

The great event in the life of Jesus was not his birth, but the breakthrough in consciousness through the years of his life.  He discovered the indwelling Christ, the Divine dimension with in all persons, the great discovery that we can make of the Divine depths within.  So to experience the joy in the moments - it must involve (if it is going to be meaningful) the dynamics of Jesus’s life and the applications of the teachings that he brought for us.  The demonstration of our Christ consciousness – that unity consciousness - the inner, faith, love and joy within each and every one of us, expressing as Divine Principle.
A friend of mine shared Brene Brown’s – The Fast Track To Genuine Joy with me the past week and I thought it was important to speak about on Sunday and mention here because of the timing, (yesterday was the fourth Sunday of Advent - Joy), and because we are implementing Brene’s Dare to Lead tools in leadership at Unity of Fort Lauderdale.  With a combination of our Unity principles, the teachings of our way shower Jesus, and Brene’s information from The Fast Track To Genuine Joy, I have compiled a list of some practical and simple steps you can implement in your life to start experiencing more joy in the moments.

The Joyous Dare

Stop the Train
The next time you're traumatized by "What ifs," say aloud, "I am feeling vulnerable." Brene mentions that this sentence changed her life. It takes her out of her fear brain—i.e., off the crazy train—and puts her back on the platform, where she can make a conscious choice not to reboard.

Be Appreciative                                                                                                                                 
Joyous people are grateful people.  Look for what you can appreciate and be thankful for. What in your life can you look at and be appreciative for?  Maybe it is the air you are breathing, the food you have, a conversation with a loved one, the roof over your head, being alive and healthy? Brene reminds us that this is even more effective when speak your gratitude aloud to others, or write it in your journal.                                                                            

Begin to start appreciating the everyday moments you have with the people you love. Appreciate your interactions with others.  Soften into joy by being present to what is right in front of you.

Surrender to Spirit In The Silence  
Set the intention / take time out of your day for prayer and meditation.  Begin to soften into the silence and just be with whatever thoughts arise and your unique experience.

Now Peter and John were going up into the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour. (Acts 3:1)

The above passage from Acts in the Bible caught my particular attention this week.  Peter metaphysically represents faith and John represents, metaphysically love.  The ninth hour is 3 P.M. (6 hours after dawn), which is how they told time.  It means completion and time of prayer.
To open my mind up to a higher awareness and level of consciousness takes my daily practice and spending time in the silence.  To know God is to open up to God and take time in deliberately having (and deepening) a relationship with the Divine.

To pray is to open up to and know prayer.  To be in the silence and know the silence takes sitting in and having a relationship with God consciousness or to become even more aware of and familiar with.  
This is what resonates with me from Acts 3:1.  Any greats in the world, whether our way shower Jesus, or people who are successful, practice being consistent at what they are doing, setting their intention on what they want, and opening up to God’s will.  This is true spiritual growth!  As we are reminded, Jesus sometimes spent all night long in prayer.

May your week embody joy-filled moments and when you are expereincing less than joy, know it is your unique journey and you can start implementing the above practial tools at any moment.  

Bryan Sawchuk, Spiritual Leader