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Expressing more of the Christ that Jesus taught

Today, we continue our 4 week journey to Christmas and take time to prepare our hearts and minds to express more of the Christ that Jesus taught.  That Inner peace expressing from within and out into the world through our actions and behavior.

What is the Christ that Jesus taught?  Jesus is the man from Nazareth (historical, human person) who is the Way-Shower and points to the Christ-indwelling. (Most Unity theologians and writers never use the word “Christ” as a name for the historical person.) In Unity Jesus, our master Way-Shower demonstrated The Christ, which is the divine indwelling; God’s perfect idea of humankind.  Not a person but the divinity within each person.  Jesus Christ is the name we give to the man who became aware of his indwelling divinity.
As a reminder from Charles Fillmore - Christmas is about the birth of the Christ consciousness at the center of the human soul, he said, which is the holy place within and a very high attainment.  This new birth is a matter of realization in each soul, Fillmore wrote in the 1919 publication. Everyone must know for himself the “all-encompassing Presence.”

“Be true to the law and watch for the quickening of your spiritual body. Do not leave it to the Herod thoughts, but obey the promptings of the universal Protection; let it be nourished and kept, that you may attain your full stature in Christ. The Divine Life working in you shall become the magnet through which the Divine Good will supply your every need.”  Charles Fillmore

So what are some things that we can do to express more of the Peace that Jesus taught?

First it is important to remember God as Principle is Absolute Good expressed in all creation and Also known as Divine Mind, Principle, Law, Spirit, Ultimate Concerns, Being (not a Being, but Being Itself), Father-Mother, Creator and a lot of other names, all of which are symbolic.  Select whatever word resonates with you – as it is your relationship with this higher power.  God is Omnipotent – all-powerful, Omniscient – all-knowing, Omnipresent – present everywhere.

Take time in prayer and meditation.  Prayer is the communion between you and God. Contemplate the question, “How can I be open and available to expressing more peace in my life?”

We can use our Unity tool – affirmations.  “I AM” is the Christ Mind of each individual; God is the I AM, and since our true nature is divine, therefore we are, too.  Repeat and affirm the following “I AM the Peace & The Light - I accept the gifts of the Divine – The Peace & Light that surpasses all understanding as my welcomed illumination – from within -  I AM that I AM – opening up to Guidance from Spirit!

“I am leaving you with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid. (John 14:27)

We all have the potential that our Way-Shower, Jesus demonstrated.  Be open to the possibilities this Advent season.  Click here for the guided peace meditation from today's service.  

Bryan Sawchuk, Ministry Coordinator

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